Three-language Journey Planner for London, showing on a television screen the route between any two stations (circa 1963). [ source ]


The main control room at the modernised Lots Road generating station which supplied power for the Underground (circa 1963). [ source ]

Coburg Street Control Room, from which the Victoria and Northern Lines were regulated. This photograph shows the Northern Line panels (circa 1963). [ source ]

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority control room. Managing 1.3 million trips on 183 bus routes, 3 rapid transit lines, 5 streetcar routes, 4 trackless trolley lines and 13 commuter rail routes every day.
[ source ]

Pisa Termini control room. 26 screens, each displaying 1,310,720 pixels of information.
[ source ]

Tour Lumière Cybernétique, Nicolas Schöffer (1963). [ source ]

Tokyo Subway control room (date unknown).

Tokyo highway display providing real-time congestion information to motorists. Visual feedback system. [ source ]

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